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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Would anyone else find this useful for adding multiple of the same action?
  2. the mouse is marketed to work as a mouse, joystick, and a gamepad, but there arent realy any usefull gamepad functions. like, for most car simulators or other flying games, you have gas/breaks or shooting on the trigger buttens or stear and look with the diferent sticks could it be added to the mouse configuration, so you could map the left/right analog tilt to the left stick and front/back to the right stick, and even more usefull add the posibility to have analog read on left mouse preasure for left trigger and analog read on right mouse preasure for right trigger? it would make
  3. Hi everyone! Just picked up the Z the other day, was hoping to see a MORDHAU profile considering it's recent popularity and since there's a good amount of controls that could be mapped to this beast of a mouse... Has anyone made or use a particular profile for it? I'm thinking of creating one but it's going to take me a little while to wrap my head around the software to do so. Figured I'd ask first and also see if there are other requests for it in case anyone can come up with an awesome setup for it.
  4. <Rant> Hi, is there going to be a timeline for the MacOS compatible driver to be released? I understand that The Z works completely independent of the driver (it works on the firmware level, similar to my QMK equipped Ergodox EZ). So, my question will be, is it that hard to release a "configurator interface" that generates some kind of a compiled script that can upload to the MCU of the mouse for MacOS? Even my Ergodox has a MacOS compatible flash utility. I could care less if I need to open a configuration file of some kind, and edit it by hand, and then compile it, then flash it m
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