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I have some general update ideas for future updates most of these are features I saw from other mice and others were ones that I just thought were cool. 

1. With the Steelseries Rival 710 there is a option to do a perfect straight line as the program can predict if you are trying to draw a straight line and will automatically make your line perfectly straight. This would be helpful for drawers as you would be able to do a perfectly straight line quite easily without having to tweak any settings.

2. This is another thing that the Steelseries Rival 710 can do. When they made their mouse Steelseries had a function on their mouse to show health and other stats when you are playing games. This was only for specific games though. I think it would be really cool if the mouse could show your health, kills or points in certain games on the go.

3. Another function I would be happy to see would be the ability to control the cursor through macros. An example would be: Move cursor right 10 spaces at 15 speed. You could do different mouse cursor movements like circles and other shapes. This could help in many games and also in drawing. 

4. Another function would not really be helpful but would be cool. I would like you to be able to create custom pictures and animations for the oled display. As well as a Profile area you could also create an area for different oled displays and animation the community has created.

I would be really happy if you could incorporate these features in your new update. 



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1 more final idea that I have that may not be completely possible would be a joystick extension to swap with the two thumb buttons. I'm not sure how this is even useful but I would buy it if it was a real thing. :) 

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