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300 Series: FAQs

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Why do I need the Parking Accessory?
The parking accessory is an optional accessory that allows you to use your laptop on an angle.  When the mouse is positioned on the parking space, it will magnetically attach to the film and not slide off.  It also helps you to position your mouse between your hands, so that you can type without any obstruction.
You may need to use the parking accessory if you have a laptop with a highly reflective palmrest as it will allow the mouse to work more efficiently.    

Can I take the parking accessory off my laptop and reapply it again?
Yes, you can.  The parking accessory has an adhesive backing that will not leave any residue on your laptop.  You can take it off and reapply it as required.    

Will the 300 Series Swiftpoint mouse magnet (or parking space on the Parking Accessory) damage my hard-drive?
There is a low power magnet in the device that allows it to dock on to a (non-magnetic) metal plate in the Parking Accessory. This Magnet has a force of 800 Gauss at the surface, and today's Western Digital Hard Drives have a coerctivity level (magnetic sensitivity) of around 5000, meaning there is no risk. See more info at "Busting the biggest PC myths".    

Can I use the 300 Series Swiftpoint mouse with my desktop?
Yes, you can.  the Swiftpoint mouse can be used with any device that you use a mouse with.  It can operate on a desk, table or whatever mousing surface you usually use.    

Can I use the 300 Series Swiftpoint mouse with a Mac or Linux?
Yes, you can use a Swiftpoint mouse with a Mac or PC or Linux.

On a Mac, how do I configure the right click button to do a special command or action?
We suggest that you download and install the excellent (Mac Only), USB Overdrive software to configure the Swiftpoint Mouse buttons to do any special command you need, either in a specific program or system wide.     

Can I use the 300 Series Swiftpoint Mouse on an airplane?
Airlines' policies on the onboard use of wireless computer peripherals differs widely and not all airlines specifically prohibit the use of such devices.  Some airlines may prohibit using such devices during ascent and descent.  If in doubt, check with the airline prior to using your mouse.    

How long does the battery charge last?
When fully charged, the battery will last between 2-4 weeks with normal use.  When the battery power is low the battery status LED will flash every 5 seconds.  If your battery does run out, simply dock the mouse on the USB and charge for 30 seconds and this will give you another hours usage.  During this charge, the battery status LED will flash rapidly.    

What can I do if the battery goes flat?
You can either use the RapidCharge function and charge your mouse for 30 seconds and get another hours usage, or do a full charge for 90 minutes to get 2-4 weeks usage.    

Will the mouse drain my battery while it is in sleep mode?
No. Unlike other mice, the Swiftpoint mouse will only use battery power whilst it is activated so when your laptop is in sleep mode and your mouse is inactive, it will not drain the battery.    

Can I use the 300 Series Swifpoint Mouse through a USB hub?
Yes.  Your 300 Series Swiftpoint Mouse will work with the USB Charger / Receiver plugged into a USB hub.  Charging times may be longer depending on how many devices you have operating on the USB hub and whether the hub is powered via an AC power socket.    

Why does my mouse show in Windows 7 Device Manager as a keyboard image?
Our mouse does keyboard functions (during SlideScroll) and mouse functions. Windows 7 automatically gives the keyboard functions priority and shows this Icon.

How can I change the angle my mouse works on to make it more comfortable?
As you can use your 300 Series Swiftpoint mouse in many different environments, you may find you want to hold your mouse at different angles. To ensure your pointer continues to move in the direction you expect, you can change the angle that your mouse regards as 'up'.   Follow these steps to change your 'up' direction:

  1. Hold the mouse at a comfortable angle.
  2. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
  3. After 2 seconds the mouse pointer will position itself at the bottom of the screen and move upwards.
  4. Release the buttons and move the mouse pointer in a straight line upward until the pointer moves in a small circle. The new up direction will now be set.

What is SmartTouch and how does it work?
The SmartTouch sensor ensures the mouse pointer stops moving when your finger is not detected on the finger grip. When you type, it is best to move the mouse to a position between your hands, but doing this will also move the pointer across your screen. When SmartTouch is on, you can move your mouse without any pointer movement by lifting your middle finger and then moving the mouse with your thumb.
SmartTouch will be set to off by default. To activate it:

  1. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
  2. After 2 seconds, the status LED will glow.
  3. Release the buttons and when the status LED turns off, roll the scroll wheel.

The status LED will flash once indicating SmartTouch is now on. You can switch SmartTouch off again by repeating the steps above.


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