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Another criticism of the SwiftPointZ.

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After using this mouse, I've come to the realization that finger presses are incredibly weak in FPS games, since you either have to remove your index finger or heavily tax it with two extra buttons (Fingertip + Trigger), the index finger is the most important finger in FPS games since it controls the left click giving you the ultimatum on whether to shoot or not, whereas the thumb seems to be the most versatile finger to use with a mouse in FPS games, but the Swiftpoint has under invested in it and instead focuses on finger buttons. I can tell even over taxing your right finger pulls at the muscles on your left. It also seems plausible your brain separates your thumb more so than your other fingers, leading to less confusion during multitasking scenarios. So basically if you guys ever make a new mouse with more buttons, maybe give the thumb more love. It's also missing another pleasant thumb button compared to the g502, which is the DPI-shift with the little target symbol, that DPI-shift key fits perfectly and for most people without long thumbs it sits out of reach which may have been intended so as not to over-complicate users, but I wish it had been closer to the palm.


So if this sounds confusing, I'm basically saying, I think thumb buttons are more important than finger buttons in FPS. I wish it had at least 4 thumb buttons instead of two, I also mentioned earlier in another thread how uncomfortable the SwiftPointZ's thumb buttons are.

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Funny you mention the G502, which crapped out after 4 months of light use. Left mouse button started double-clicking. I do like the idea of more thumb buttons, but please move them closer to where the thumb rests. The G502 you have to lift your hand off the mouse to get at the dpi button..so i never assigned it.

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Coming from the Naga Epic thumb buttons are awesome!

Shame razer make compromising decisions on the clickers in the left and right buttons (see double clicking threads everywhere)

no extra thumb buttons in the new Tracer though, oh well.


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I also agree that more thumb buttons would be good, but there are some considerations on the Z due to tilt features.  I think 4 buttons would be perfect.  6 (2x3 landscape) is too long and 6 (3x2 portrait) prevents a neutral, non-button,  thumb rest.  If I could have any more changes, I'd add edge buttons to the right side and a selectable scroll wheel (clicky vs freespin, like the G700).

I've used a large plethora of gaming mice between the ones I've owned and the ones I've tried.  Here's a few tricks I've learned for ergonomics:

I've found that a palm rest is a lot better than a claw grip.  Moving the mouse around with your palm (extend your fingers, move mouse) reduces finger strain.
Use 3 fingers on the mouse. Left on primary, middle on mousewheel, and ring on secondary.  You grip the mouse with your palm, thumb, and pinky if you ever need quick rotational movement (e.g. the 180 snap should be a rotation of the wrist rather than a transnational movement to the left or right).

These changes will reduce finger strain: Your palm and gross muscles are moving the mouse.  Your index finger no longer shares duty on the mouse wheel. Reducing the stretch between index and middle reduces strain. Your pinky finally has a job ;)

As for why I don't like 2x3 for the thumb?  I used a G600 for a while.  Pulling your thumb back far enough to get the row closest to the palm is a significant stressor in a palm grip.  I found that I rarely used the back 6 as it became more and more uncomfortable to do so.

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