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My time with the Swiftpoint Z in 2020 and the questions it raised.


Hello, I'm a newbie here on the forums and a new user in general but I have an awful lot to say. I can see I'm a little late to the party though, still I hope I can get some feedback myself, maybe help some new users and get others interested. This mouse deserves so much (more) attention and credit, it is entirely unique and utterly remarkable.

Anyway, I bought my Swiftpoint Z very recently after much research and deliberation. I've spent a good 48+ hours now (most of that consecutively without sleep 😅) tinkering and eventually setting up my Z. As a result I have some lingering


as well as some feedback and constructive criticisms.

Most of the questions I had were thankfully answered by googling, finding this forum and then reading every single post. It's been a long intense few days   🤯 I can only thank the users, staff and moderators for being so thorough.

I mostly bought my Z for a game called Escape From Tarkov, a popular but very complex and demanding online FPS. Most of the games I actually sit at my PC to play are competitive FPS' and I do love when they include advanced mobility options such as the "Lean" mechanic among others. This game, whilst not as hardcore as say ARMA (which I also love) has a lot of mechanics and so many possibilities for key bindings. Honestly, those two games (EFT and ARMA) are alone enough to sell anyone on this mouse, but I'm sure there are many other genres and especially sim style games (World of Warships/Tanks, War Thunder, Elite Dangerous etc) that are just as apt.

I will be sharing my setup once I'm fully satisfied with it, but that brings me to my first question.



Upon completing my Frankenstein monster I proceeded to enact best practice; I backed up my config, exporting and making duplicates, then I completely reset the mouse and profiles back to stock, deleted everything and finally imported my custom config back into the software. It worked, the memory usage went down significantly and I had a completely fresh setup for my needs.

The only issue was that I began all this in the "Global Defaults" profile. That was my biggest error and my first real regret. Second was trying to force my profile into a new custom "EFT" profile. In doing so, I lost my config and had to reset and import again, losing some of my newer changes in the process. After a night of trying to learn how to correctly compose a JSON file myself, I gave up. No matter what I do, the moment I customise the original SPCF file, it refuses to import it. So I cannot import my file without it replacing the "Global Defaults" profile. You might say "Well, just override those with a "Desktop" profile". Alas, this doesn't work. No matter what I do the tilt configurations persist through all the profiles so long as they are set in the global defaults, even when overridden in the sub-profiles.

So first question:

How do I export my custom "Global Defaults" profile into a completely separate new profile?

This all leads me to my first bit of feedback. The Global Defaults profile should only contain Left, Right and Middle Click, as well as Scrolling, nothing else. It should also be hard locked, read-only, uneditable. When you try to edit, it could tell you something along the lines of: "Editing the global defaults is disabled to prevent you from making the mouse unusable". Instead, it should ask you if you would like to create a new profile entirely.

Relating to this, a sub-profile does not inherit the parent profiles settings. Instead, the process generates an empty profile, defaulting to the original profiles configuration. The wording of "sub-profiles" is extremely misleading and in fact technically incorrect, so long as profiles continue to refuse inheritance of the parent profiles configuration they aren't sub-profiles. Better to just call them "new profiles" instead, or better yet add the ability to properly clone a profile. This would be another feature request: cloning profiles.

Another question or perhaps feature request is:

Can I make a reactive curve from/for an input/output?

What I mean is that, currently, I am not able to effectively make a non-linear curve and struggle to make a linear one (easily) for a combination of say vibration and pressure sensitivity. For example, I wanted to test having the mouse vibrate increasingly (from 0-100) as the user puts greater pressure on the left mouse button, the output correlating to the input (0-100). It would mean in an FPS it felt like the gun/engine/power was getting stronger the harder you pressed. It isn't really possible, and I did try but it was pretty arduous and the result didn't actually work. It seems the mouse really doesn't know what's going on and what to do, as it output one random vibration and then stopped for the rest of the button travel. A feature request here then, would be adding the ability to use curves and ranges for input/output's.

Another quick question (as if any of this is quick 😅)

Why is 10 the lowest amount and why are some other vibration/pressure amounts not possible at all?

So random numbers like 15, 21, 27 and so on are not selectable in the vibration strength or Deep Click amounts, as well as anything below 10.

Related to this, it can be a bit of a pain repeatedly selecting amounts or options. It would be great to be able to always use the keyboard to either type the numbers in manually or to use the arrow keys. Both are not always available or possible to use. Those missing numbers in the ranges do actually lock and stop the arrow keys from working until being moved manually with the mouse. Unfortunately, no mouse' strong point is finesse when it's compared to a keypress on a keyboard.


Relating to the tilt/pivot feature, I really wish there was more granularity and control with a sure fire way to lock out other inputs. The problem I'm having here is that trying to activate the furthest tilt also at times activates the intermediate tilts (even when selecting the "Block any further outputs" option, which isn't always ideal anyway). Setting them up to activate only on the return and creating each one as a sub-action or child helps a lot, but that's not possible between the combinations of tilts, sometimes just trying to activate a simple small left tilt will also trigger my forward tilt. Picking my mouse up or moving it aggressively as I'm playing often causes all sorts of tilts to activate accidentally.


I have many more questions and ideas but for the sake of everyone's sanity I think I'll leave it at that for now. I adore this little beast, my thanks and applause go to the company, devs and engineers behind this. All criticism is intended to be constructive feedback and in the knowledge that I'm grateful and adoring 🤗

If I am missing things, perhaps some of my feature request are already there but I just haven't figured it out right yet, please let me know. More pressingly I hope someone can help me fix and import my config into a new profile. I don't want to lose all that work.

Otherwise thank you so much! I really hope there are future active plans for this mouse, software or the gaming line of accessories. and I look forward to using them in future! As it is, this a phenomenal piece of hardware, pure genius and the software (where so many others falter) absolutely does not disappoint. I would only say that the available tutorials etc should be greater and potentially included in the app. Tooltips, status bars and a information pane with video/images explaining features next to the actual configuration of the features would be very welcome.


All the best!


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Posted (edited)

Hey, just wanted to answer a few issues you found.

You can clone a profile. right click it and click duplicate. easy peezy. Though you cannot  move from the current parent profile. which hopefully will be added in the next update (apparently they are actually working on a major update to the software... or so they say.)

Subprofiles DO use any bindings on the parent profile, assuming you have not created a new, empty binding. Though, I feel that when you add a fresh binding it should contain the parents binding(s) instead of an empty one so people don't get all confused like you have.

I do wish they allow us to increase the vibration the longer we hold the button down. that would be great and really give us an awesome haptic response to our actions.

Yeah.. the tutorials are lacking when it comes to the more complicated stuffs. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will address the rest of your issus and thoughts.


edit: you might want to share the profile file for Tarkov. then people will actually be able to help you properly.

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Posted (edited)

Just on the sub-/parent profile stuff

The reason for that is, to save internal memory, to allow users to create more, fine tuned profiles than otherwise possible.

For instance I have 1 general profile for gaming and then like 10 adjusted to different games, to perfectly fit the needs of each game.

That would not be possible with any other mouse I know of.

The global profile is like the most parent profile, where you add your standard stuff like config mode, or in my instance dpi switches and profile shortcuts, which as long as you don't overwrite them are present on any profile.

And adding an empty binding on a sub profile to a button which has a function on the parent profile is pretty useful imo

(Example: gaming profile with tilt for weapon switch -> 9 games use it, one does not -> in terms of memory usage it is better to have that on the parent, so it is only stored once and overwrite it in one sub profile, which makes a total of to bindings in memory, compared to 9 if you add it in each du profile respectively)

(I hope I didn't get anything wrong and I could help you a bit maybe, even though I'm just a user as well)

Also if you need help, there is a community discord, and I could try to explain stuff to you in voice since I spend a hell ton of time in the software already 


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added dc link
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Hello and thank you! I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond. It's a terrible habit, but with all that is going on in our all of our lives at the moment it was difficult to find the time/space/peace of mind.

I totally missed the Duplicate option, primarily because you cannot duplicate the Global profile which is where my profile remains.

I've been doing a lot of tweaking with my profile but I still haven't settled on a final form yet. There are still some kinks to iron out. The biggest of which is separating out the profiles correctly. I tried so hard, even learning the JSON formatting and going through it by hand. It always results in a message about the profile being corrupted and refusing to import. I will attach the WIP thus far, in the hope someone can seperate it for me and I can continue my work.

Another frustrating thing I've discovered, is that isolation between the gyroscope based gestures (tilt/pivot) is basically non-existent. I wish that there was a way to "Stop further outputs" between separate inputs. When I use my tilt forward it is often mistakenly mixed with tilt left/right (which can be disastrous in-game). An adjustable dead zone between left/right - forward/backward seems like a potential solution.

One other thing I've found that is a potential limitation is that, as stated elsewhere here on the forums, only mouse button 1-4/5 actually work as potential outputs. This means that I have to find and use a whole bunch of random alternatives. As it is, I've resorted to using every unused letter key, a few symbols and one or two modifiers. Unfortunately, some games hard bind keys, meaning you cannot alter them. So I have to also avoid these particular keys. I really just wish we could force Window's/games to respond to the full mouse button input options, that's the best solution without a doubt.


Again, thank you for the response and apologies for my  delay.


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I strongly feel you should create new profiles for each application, link the app to the profile then use the auto switcher.

For example, i have all my games subbed under the games profile, linked to the various games etc . I Wouldn't just put all me bindings in one profile, really limits you on what you can do, plus no need to rebind in game/app.


Here's my rather basic setup that's slowly grown over time. I haven't done anything complicated or repeating but it'll give you an idea on what i mean.


Oh. I converted your global profile as a new profile. so import to test then restore the profiles to default, then re import... your use of pressure must be difficult to manage.. well at least I'd have trouble with that.


Any queries etc message me.


current profile.spcf EFT.spcf

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Apologies again for my delay!

@Blaen You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! thank you so much 🤗 I really tried to do it myself but the length of the text and my lack of JSON syntax knowledge meant it was corrupt every single time. I have imported it and it is currently functioning, I will test it out much more in depth shortly and then reset and reimport everything for good measure.

Yes, I agree with you, and my initial error was a rather colossal one, editing the Global profile. I will never change the Global profile, outside of my sane defaults, again.

I will also look into making a parent profile for games and editing apps etc, with sub-profiles for each specific game or program. Is there a way I can easily move this profile you fixed for me under a parent one? Or would that require more tinkering with the JSON?

I'll have a look at your profile too. It's interesting to see what others have done. Browsing all the profiles and problems on here gave me so much knowledge. I guess in that I was lucky, coming to the party so late, every question I had was already answered!

And yes, you're absolutely right, the pressure levels are... complex 😅 I'm still trying to get used to them. It's a real shame that in the heat of the moment in these fast online FPS games it is very hard to remember the correct combination and press it in a timely fashion, but the mouse is built for exactly that. It's frustrating that I might be better off not using the pressure sensitivity and having one press per button, but that seems entirely defeatist. So I will soldier on and try to find a workable middle ground!

Any advice is always welcome. Especially as it relates to isolating the tilt and pivot functions. They seem to very easily activate each other and all blur into one.

Again, thank you for your hard work!

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yeah, putting it under a subprofile will require JSON fun. But honestly it's pretty easy to do when using a blank parent profile. see attached.

as for the pressure stuff, I'd recommend just adding one pressure point, then use that for a bit, then add a second etc. might make it easier to make it feel more natural.

As for the pivot tilt stuff.... I don't use them for that exact reason. I really wanted to use them for tilting and peaking in games... but it was a bit difficult to actually do so without screwing up my attempt in game. though putting the tilts at a higher angle really did help lessen the accidental tilt/peak.

Again, if you want some editing help or something then send me a message.

Good Luck!



Games with ETF sub.spcf

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