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Carlos Aparisi

Time different functions & keyboard modifier Keys


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I wonder if anyone can help.

1. Can a single button create two different functions, the first if you press it less than a second and the next if you press it longer?
2. Can a single button create different functions holding keyboard modifier Keys as "Ctrl", "Alt" or "Command"?

Thank you very much in advance.

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A single button can create multiple different outputs, but not in that exact manner.

You would need to use either a deep click,  or other input combinations to select which of the different outputs to activate. For example the mapping below which creates a four direction gesture by combining mouse movement with a mouse button.



For your other question, modifier keys on your keyboard can be combined with anything the mouse is outputting. But it's not currently possible for the mouse to output something completely different based on your keyboard input.

So if you have a button set to output 'A' pressing 'Ctrl' on your keyboard at the same time will result in a "Ctrl+ A". But it couldn't change the buttons output to 'B'.


Thanks for raising these points though. We've discussed them both internally before and hope to be able to implement them eventually. The more requests we get the more likely it is to happen.

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