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Hi so I have tried to do several various setup in the software to be able to bind a push to talk button and it never works for me. I have seen comments that people do use this feature, but it is kicking my butt. When I still used keyboard to play, I could work around it but since I switched to an Azeron game pad, not so much. I have been using another mouse I have but really missing my z as so much more comfortable and the buttons are laid out so much better. Can someone please tell me how to make this work please as I guess for this one little thing I am just not smart enough. 

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The key used to activate Push to Talk will vary based on which application you are using for voice chat, and its settings. So you should just need to find what key is used to activate it then map that key to one of your mouse buttons.

With your mapping just make sure that the key is set to only be released when you release the button. As if you use a "Tap" output, or set the release to happen immediately after press it wont work. 

For example this would work (If 'F' was your push to Talk key)


But these would not work, as F is released immediately even if you continue to physically hold the button down.

image.png.62a6a4c84763efb7d94bf183b8913d03.png   image.png.eafe5c860c13889355f73119e6f74708.png

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