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How do I make a very fast autoclicker

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One tip I can offer for this is to use separate "Press" and "Release" outputs rather than a single "Tap" output.

That might seem counter-intuitive, but a "Tap" output has a built in delay to ensure it is always registered. So a manual Press followed by Release will be quicker. If necessary you can add your own wait between the press and release to limit the speed. 

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@Zentipede Sorry, I missed your response.

To give an example of what I mean, of the two setup shown below the first will be slower than the second. As the Left Click "Tap" output in the first setup includes a built in delay, but the "Press" and "Release" do not. 

"Slow" repeat using Tap output



Fast repeat using Press and Release outputs


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Thanks for sharing. It helped me fix my spam function.

If I hold my Left Mouse Button (LMB) it will spam flawlessly, but I noticed that if I quickly tapped my LMB it would do a regular tap. Is this intended?

Don't worry about that. It works fine, I just didn't expect it. After trying it out for a while it's very useful just the way it is.

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