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My Feedback/Review On ProPoint (Upgrading from SwiftPoint GT - A 3 Years User)

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Based on my experience on `macOS 10.15.6`

The things I love:

  • One more button to make it more flexible/powerful/configurable. 
  • Control Panel served as a more convenient way to manage the configurations.
  • And I like the `Health` feature.

The things I'd love to see improvement:

  • Please consider to give more tweaking to the mouse sensitivity to ProPoint. I tried both `Accelerate` and `Not Accelerate` modes for extended of time; it's not working as well as the SwiftPoint GT regards to mouse tracking. It's either too floating or too slow, not as smooth as SwiftPoint GT. Not sure if this could be changed by software update or firmware update; but if this is possible, please consider to put some improvements in this area.

Not 100% sure if I'm going to keep this ProPoint or not. I'm still balancing between `one more button`(ProPoint) and `more smooth tracking`(SwiftPoint GT). If it's not ProPoint, I'll still go with the SwiftPoint GT. I love this `finger mouse` product.

Thanks for inventing this awesome product anyways!

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