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Starter Mappings Overview

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When you install the driver we load up some mappings to help get you started and show a few examples of how The Z can be configured. You can use these mappings and customize them, or delete them altogether - they can always be imported again from your /Documents/Swiftpoint Settings folder.

Global Defaults

Mappings defined in the ‘Global Defaults’ will carry through to all profiles unless they are specifically overridden.

Configure Mode

Lift the mouse and look at the OLED screen (tilting the mouse past 25 degrees to the right) – this automatically changes to ‘config mode’

When in configure mode (tilted):

  • Scroll Up & Down to decrease / increase DPI
  • Click the Front Edge Buttons to cycle through profiles
  • Pull the Left Trigger Button to cycle through OLED displays

Pulling the right trigger (with the mouse flat),  reset / zeroes the  Tilt and Pivot  Angles

Desktop Profile

This is set up as the Default Active Profile loaded on The Z

  • Push Left Trigger to switch between two open applications
  • Push Left Trigger and move the mouse to select any open application
  • Push Right Trigger to switch Next Tab in a browser
  • Push Right Trigger and move The Z left and right to navigate the Browser Tabs
  • Click the Left Fingertip Button to select multiple items (performs a <CTRL> + Left Click)
  • Deep Click (push  harder) Left Fingertip to close the current tab (<CTRL> + <F4>)

Gaming Profiles

We have included gaming profiles that map most of The Z functions to joystick buttons (including tilts and deep clicks).

There are two gaming profiles, Gaming Gestures and Gaming Analog.

  • Gaming Gestures maps joystick buttons to all buttons deep clicks and tilt gestures.
  • Gaming Analog   is the same as the Gestures Profile except that it maps tilting to joystick analog movement, which is   ideal when using the flight extender accessory in a driving or flying in a game. We've set up the right trigger button to reset the tilt and pivot angles - holding down right trigger while pivoting left and right will output joystick rotate (yaw).

If you wanted to make some changes to a gaming profile that are specific to a game, then an easy way to do this would be to set up a sub-profile under one of these gaming profiles, with the name of the game, and just create the mappings that you want to override.

Taking a close look at the starter mappings in the Driver, is a great way to see some of the configuration capabilities, and will be a great learning tool, when it comes to creating  your own mappings.

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