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Allowing profile switch of Windows Store Apps


I've found that I cannot seem to get the profile switching to work with Windows store games. Most of it has to do with specific file permissions which I have toyed with. I have taken ownership of the files and given myself full control. But for some reason when trying to set the exe file to profile switch to it keeps telling me I don't have the proper permissions. I've tried researching this across the net but I can't find any references to the problem. I can't be the only one having this issue because from what I can tell this is an inherent problem caused by the protected nature of windows managed files. Is there something I'm missing or possibly a fix for this? Can anyone help me here?

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Those permissions can be a pain to deal with, and we will be looking into ways to get around this issue. Likely by providing a list of installed or running apps to select from instead of browsing for an exe.

But for now a last resort way to link an app that wont work via normal means is to do it manually with a text editor. To do this first link your profile to any other exe, then export it to a file.
Next open the exported .spcf file in a text editor and search for the name of the file you linked. You'll find something that looks like the following:
"Applications": [
		"Name": "VALORANT",
		"Path": "VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe"

Simply modify the Path to the exe you want to activate the profile, set the Name to whatever you want it to show as, then save the modified spcf file.

Before importing it back into the driver I recommend you also do a full export of all of your profiles. Just in case there is a problem with the import.
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