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SwiftpointZ Control panel on a vertical screen.

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I have two monitors with the following characteristics:

  • 27"
  • 1920x1080
  • On the left, in purple, the monitor is vertical.
  • On the right, in green, the monitor is horizontal.

I noticed I can't resize the SwiftpointZ Control panel to fit on vertical screen. Actually, you can barely resize it. Would sure be cool if I could resize that window. I understand that having a vertical monitor is not very common setup, but regardless... being able to resize the window into a smaller size would be a nice addition to the program. Maybe the mouse image should resize ? or maybe some UI elements could become smaller? Idk.


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I had a quick look at how easy the minimum window width would be to adjust.

For simple mode it would be trivial and didn't seem to break anything, but Expert Mode is more difficult. Since there are a lot more UI elements things get very cramped if you reduce the width by even the couple hundred pixels.

So expert mode would probably require more design work and testing than we can justify, unless this effects more users than I expect. Admittedly I also use a 1080p width monitor in portrait as a secondary display at work. But I always keep the Control Panel on my main display so hadn't seen this as an issue until you mentioned it.

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