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SwiftpointZ randomly disconnects

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Hello everyone,

My SwiftpointZ randomly disconnects and I think this is the cause of my system freezing. At first, I thought it was either an issue with: RAM , GPU, CPU, PSU, and finally motherboard. Here is a list of actions I've taken so far:

  • Changed RAM XMP to profile 1 (optimal), then 2 (sub optimal), and now XMP off.
  • Changed my CPU from the default AI overclock, to base clock.
  • Replaced the motherboard battery.
  • Completely reset my BIOS.
  • Completely replaced my RAM kit.
  • Completely replaced my PSU unit.
  • RAM tests (specially mem86+) for hours until I did multiple passes. No errors found.
  • Disconnected my GPU and reseated it on the same slot, then switched it to another slot, then completely removed it and used the integrated video card.
  • Replaced and upgraded my thermal paste.
  • Air cleaned my entire rig.
  • Stress tested my CPU. For around 2 hours.
  • Stress tested my GPU. For around 2 hours.
  • Stress tested my CPU and GPU at the same time, to see if the motherboard had issues. This lasted around an hour or two.
  • Removed boot drive and fresh installed windows to my secondary drive.
  • Reinstalled my boot drive and recovered my secondary drive.
  • Ran multiple virus and anti malware apps.
  • Ran multiple diagnosis and stress tools.
  • Currently running the latest version of Win10PRO 20H2 with up-to-date updates.
  • Currently running the best drivers for all my hardware.
  • I have refreshed my windows install multiple times.
  • Ran multiple sfc /scannow (finding issues only after several freezes).
  • Payed closed attention to Windows Security and Maintenance, only to discover that the app show the app crashes... so if my system freezes and an App crashes... it will simply say X app crashes... which is miss leading. You end up chasing any app that crashes when the system freezes instead of discovering the issue it self.

Checking everything you see above has taken weeks! Why? Because the crashes are random. It seamed that I couldn't find any triggers. Until yesterday, when I noticed my keyboard and mouse getting disconnected... I thought to myself... mmmmm... that's odd... let me switch it to the front panel. A couple of minutes before posting this thread I noticed my mouse got disconnected! Lights went off and it became completely unresponsive!

Please, let me know if you have any thoughts or recommendations.

I know you have some questions, for example:

If you guys have any thoughts... let me know! Also, if there is a way to downgrade the mouse internal drivers and software to what it was before the TRACER, let me know. Since, this is my only lead so far.


Update - 2021.2.3


  • Refreshed windows 10 install + updated all my drivers + fully updated windows.
  • Disconnected my SwiftpointZ mouse.

So far so good. No random freezes, this could be it! 

Please, if you guys know how to downgrade my mouse firmware I will greatly appreciate it.


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Update, mouse unplugged, no freezes so far.
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UPDATE - 2021.3.3


Major bummer! System crashed today at 6:41 AM. I can safely discard the theory that the SwiftpointZ mouse and/or it's drivers had anything to do with it. Why? I refreshed windows and kept the Z unplugged. 

This is a major let down for me. I'm literally going out of my mind trying to discover the reason. On top of that, you can clearly see my system stability started to drop yesterday. The system did not freeze, hang, presented a BSOD, or anything like that... but still you see that the system was 'not properly shut down'. Sigh!




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