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300 Series: Tips

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How do I get started?
Plug the USB receiver into the USB port. This action will activate the mouse. To charge the mouse, dock it on to the USB receiver.  Before you use the mouse for the first time, perform a full battery charge.  The battery LED will flash while charging and will glow steadily when the charge is complete.  A full charge may take up to 90 minutes. 

How do I hold the 300 Series Swiftpoint mouse?

Hold the mouse with your thumb in the thumb grip and your middle finger on the finger grip.  rest your index finger on the grip surface of the left-click button.  Be sure not to place your thumb too far forward.  It should feel natural and comfortable to use, just like holding a pen.


How do I use the mouse?
Firstly ensure you are holding the mouse correctly.  Next, practice clicking the left-click and right-click buttons on top of the mouse.  The scroll wheel can be used like a traditional scroll wheel by scrolling with your index finger, or you can tilt the mouse to activate rapid scrolling, called SlideScrollTM.    

How does SlideScrollTM work?
You can scroll rapidly by lifting the mouse and rolling the scroll wheel along the mousing surface.  This is called SlideScroll and is useful when you want to scroll quickly through documents. To use the zoom function, hold down the left-click button while slidescrolling.  To use the page up and down function, hold down the right-click button while slidescrolling.

How do I set the pointer speed?
The pointer speed is set via your computer or laptop settings. 


  • Go to Control Panel, and click Mouse (or press the windows key and type 'mouse')
  • Click on the Pointer Options TAB


  • Drag the pointer speed slider to a position that suits your use.

Mac OS

  • Open the System Preferences application.
  • Click on Keyboard & Mouse.
  • Click on the Mouse TAB.
  • Drag the Tracking Speed slider to a position that suits your use.

What is SmartTouch and how does it work?
The SmartTouch sensor ensures the mouse pointer stops moving when your finger is not detected on the finger grip. When you type, it is best to move the mouse to a position between your hands, but doing this will also move the pointer across your screen. When SmartTouch is on, you can move your mouse without any pointer movement by lifting your middle finger and then moving the mouse with your thumb.
SmartTouch will be set to off by default. To activate it:

  1. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
  2. After 2 seconds, the status LED will glow.
  3. Release the buttons and when the status LED turns off, roll the scroll wheel.

The status LED will flash once indicating SmartTouch is now on. You can switch SmartTouch off again by repeating the steps above.

Changing the "up direction" of your mouse.
As you can use your 300 Series Swiftpoint mouse in many different environments, you may find you want to hold your mouse at different angles. To ensure your pointer continues to move in the direction you expect, you can change the angle that your mouse regards as 'up'.   Follow these steps to change your 'up' direction:

  1. Hold the mouse at a comfortable angle.
  2. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
  3. After 2 seconds the mouse pointer will position itself at the bottom of the screen and move upwards.
  4. Release the buttons and move the mouse pointer in a straight line upward until the pointer moves in a small circle. The new up direction will now be set.

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