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300 Series: Troubleshooting

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My 300 Series Swiftpoint Mouse is not working at all.
If your mouse is not working at all, please try the following steps in sequence:

1. Confirm the 300 Series Swiftpoint Mouse has battery charge - to do this, turn the mouse over and click one of the mouse buttons.  If there is battery charge, the red sensor light will start flickering.  If there is no charge, please charge the mouse by docking it on the USB receiver (plugged into your computer's USB port).  Your computer will need to be turned on to charge the mouse.

If your mouse has battery charge or the mouse charging LED does not flash when your mouse is docked, please continue to Step 2.

2. Confirm whether there is an issue with the USB receiver - we have received a small percentage of customers reporting that their USB receivers have stopped working.  We have diagnosed these receivers and found that static electricity discharges from the user have caused the receivers to become unresponsive.  We have modified the electronic design of the receivers to address this issue, but customers who have purchased early versions of the Swiftpoint Mouse may find their receivers stop working. 

To determine whether your USB receiver has stopped working:

  • Insert it into another USB port on your computer or another computer.  If your Mouse starts working, there may be a problem with your original USB port.  If the Mouse still does not work try the next step;
  • Try to "re-pair" the Mouse with the USB receiver.  To do this hold down both the left-click and right-click buttons, and while holding down the buttons turn the scroll wheel until both LED lights come on (this could take up to 15 seconds). Once the lights come on, release the buttons and hold the mouse close to the USB receiver.  If the LED lights go off your mouse has successfully re-paired and it should work.  If the two LED lights do not turn off, the USB receiver has stopped working.

View a video on how to repair your mouse.

If have successfully managed to re-pair the Mouse but you still have a problem, please contact us here so that we can assist to diagnose the issue further.    

My 300 Series Swiftpoint Mouse pointer is tracking intermittently.
The SmartTouch Sensor is probably activated.  The SmartTouch sensor ensures the mouse pointer stops moving when your finger is not detected on the finger grip. When you type, it is best to move the mouse to a position between your hands, but doing this will also move the pointer across your screen. When SmartTouch is on, you can move your mouse without any pointer movement by lifting your middle finger and then moving the mouse with your thumb.
To de-activate it:

  1. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
  2. After 2 seconds, the status LED will glow.
  3. Release the buttons and when the status LED turns off, roll the scroll wheel.

The status LED will flash once indicating SmartTouch is now off.
You can switch SmartTouch on again by repeating the steps above.  

My 300 Series Swiftpoint Mouse pointer is tracking on an angle.
Please try to re-calibrate the "Up" direction by following these steps:
1. Hold the mouse at a comfortable angle.
2. Press and hold down both mouse buttons.
3. After 2 seconds the mouse pointer will position itself at the bottom of the screen and move upwards.
4. Release the buttons and move the mouse pointer in a straight line upward until the pointer moves in a small circle. The new up direction will now be set.

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