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Deep Click Calibration

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Hi @madkurt 

The next firmware update is currently looking like it will contain a couple new options to allow the disabling of tilt calibration, and the auto button release fail-safe. 

After this there are a few other fixes which we want to add, but once those are in place force calibration will be near the top of the priority list for firmware changes.

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Hi Bryce,

7months ago i notice that the deep click percentage are inconsistent for LMB & RMB. While pressing with the same force, the LMB starts at 35% maxing out to 75%. While RMB starts 12% maxing out to 55%. Same with the Left FT,  Right FT and Middle MB.

Now, its getting worse. Deep click for LMB starts at 42% or 50% and maxing out to 68 or sometimes at 75%. Same goes with the other four buttons.

Seems that the pressure sensors started failing (or out of sync). Can we now prioritize the force calibration in the next update please?

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Looks like it's been a minute since this topic saw any attention. I too am seeing some really whack deep click forces. My LMB starts around 58% and increases to 82%

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