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Photoshop and Pressure sensitivity

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Has anyone figured out a way to make photoshop and the swiftpoint Z work together? Kind of like a wacom tablet works with pressure and opacity? I'm trying to find a way to replace my tablet (I'm disabled, the tablet is very difficult for me to use), and was hoping this mouse could do it, but I have yet to find any way to make this work. If it is not possible at the moment, will it be coming in the future?

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Hi @Prophecy_Designs

As you know unfortunately I don't have a solution for this yet. But I'll outline the problem below in-case someone with better knowledge of Photoshop than I has any ideas for a workaround.

The problem is that the shortcut keys used to adjust brush size in Photoshop are disabled while left click is held down. So you can't increase or decrease brush size with keyboard shortcuts as you draw.

The only way of configuring around this limitation that I've found is to have the Z release mouse one, press '[' or ']', then press mouse one again, each time you change deep click levels. However doing this results in gaps in any lines you are drawing whenever the brush size changes.

So long term I think the only solution will be deeper integration with Photoshop, to allow the Z to  behave more like a drawing tablet and bypass the limitations on keyboard shortcuts.

I can't say for sure when or if we will be able to do this. But this is something we will be looking into.

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