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4th or 5th button / Gestures in Excel

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@MrBig1028 It's not possible to assign copy-paste to the GT directly with its own configuration options. 

However this can be achieved by using a third-party application like X-Mouse Button Control. Which can intercept mouse inputs and convert them into something else.

So for example you could set your GT to output mouse buttons 4 and 5 on the two mouse button combos. Then use the setup below so X-Mouse Button Control will convert these into copy paste.



The situation with horizontal scrolling In excel under Windows 7 is unfortunately a bit more complicated than it should be. Since by default Excel does not have a shortcut for horizontal scrolling.

On Windows 10 the GTs Gesture Technology driver allows horizontal scrolling by using touch inputs, but these are not supported on Windows 7. So instead you'll need to use the Excel add-in linked below which enables horizontal scrolling via the "Shift + Scroll-Wheel" shortcut.


Once you have this installed and confirm it is working, you can use X-Mouse Button Control again to send the Shift+Scroll-wheel command when applicable, as below.



I've attached the XMBC profiles below if you want to try this approach. I haven't tested it thoroughly so it may need some tweaks, but it does work.




XMBC - Example.xmbcp

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I'm not certain which versions of Office this add-in supports, but perhaps it does not support yours?

I tested it with Office 365 and just needed to run the INSTALL.bat file, then close and re-open Excel to get it working.


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