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Key bindings change while playing World of Warcraft.

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I am not sure what is going on, but this is the scenario. I have the SwiftPoint Z buttons bound to different keyboard bindings to cast the different spells for my WoW character. The keybinding for Tab has always been to left to default select the target and is NOT bound to the mouse. The ESC key has been left the default to open the game menu and is NOT bound to the mouse. During gameplay at random times with no identifiable trigger, the ESC and Tab key no longer work and start acting like a Windows Alt-Tab command and start cycling through any open window that I might have on my computer. I also notice when this happens that trying to click on an action on the game bar will not trigger it. All of the bindings that were set to the mouse no longer work. At first, I thought this was because I inadvertently changed the mouse profile to my Overwatch bindings or the Config setting, but this is not the case. I check it and cycle through back to my WoW bindings with no change to get the mouse functioning correctly. It only happens when I use the Swiftpoint Z mouse and not my Razer mouse. Seems to me I either have something misconfigured in my bindings or there is something buggy in the mouse drivers. 

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@Nemachaser It sounds like one of your mappings might be holding the Control key down and not releasing it. 

Normally that shouldn't be possible, but just check if you have any Ctrl press outputs without a release.

If you can't find what could be causing this just upload your mappings file and I'll take a look.


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