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Replacement or 3D model for extenders???

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Hi everyone,

This robyneil.  I'm new here and just got my Swiftpoint Z last week.  I use it mostly for gaming, but very interested in using the Z as a HOTAS joystick. Sorry if this has already been answered. I just couldn't find any forum information on this.

Are replacements for the flight stick extenders available for purchase? I would like to buy extra extenders if possible.  If not are there 3D models for the extenders available for download so I can 3D print them instead and even make custom mod extenders?

A possible use for this is to create mod extenders that mount to a custom short HOTAS joystick with springs to reset back to the center when you let go of the mouse.  This will give the flight stick extender the needed tension feel you get with hotas.

Alternatively for soft touch control instead of using hotas springs/tensioners, it would be nice to place them on top of ball and socket mounts.  The ball and socket will hold the tilt angles so if I tilt slightly to the left, that tilt angle will be held and not reset back to the center when I let go of the mouse. 

If anyone has the done the work of modeling the extenders, I'd really appreciate it if you can share them.  

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@robyneil While we don't sell the extenders separately, we do have some spares available. So if you want to do some experimentation with them just contact us at [email protected], and we can set you up with a few spares.

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@Bryce I have similar question, can you share 3d model of z mouse so we can model our own addons to print? i have idea for pinky finger rest, because i see that as a weak spot+ rubber grips are really poorly designed so i see place for improvement ill do myself.

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