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Need Help, Love Mouse

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Hey everyone, I need some help. I bought the mouse a few months ago and love it and have been trying more and more with it. I'm trying some things on fortnite, yes i know fortnite gross, but what I'm trying to do is make it to where I build with a button when I hold it then have it go back to my weapon when I let go of it. I can't seem to figure this out. I downloaded a profile that someone had made and loved it but I am trying to build from it. They had it set to build one thing then go right back to weapon and you would have to keep clicking it to keep building that part. If I can make it where I click and hold it for how ever long I want then when I let go it goes back to weapon that would be great. Any help would be awesome. I love the mouse and love learning it and after playing with it for sometime I tell everyone on stream about it. Thanks in advance everyone

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What your after is propably something like this:


On the screen shot above you would switch to the Building mode and keep tapping the lmb indefinetely. You might want to add some Waits there before tapping and before repeat if needed. Also I guess note worthy is this is on the mouse button press.


On this screenshot you will break the loop from the press of the button in the release of the button as well as switching back to your weapon.

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