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Need help to install Swiftpoint Manager for Mac OS High Sierra

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Recently I got Swiftpoint GT for my MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina (late 2015) running OSX High Sierra.

In the installation of the Swiftpoint Manager, I completely stuck.

Downloaded the App, moved the app to the application folder, double-clicked the App icon.

Then the app says "Swiftpoint Manager needs to install a helper tool", and it requires the master password.

After inputting the password, but nothing happens.....

How should I do with this?

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I didn't know what to do either.

I don't think Swiftpoint GT works on Mac through the USB.  I have an older imac that doesn't support BT4.

I got Swiftpoint GT working for a day, but now it isn't working.

I don't think this product works with OSX and USB.  I'm stopping trying now and reverted to the Apple mouse.

I'll check back in the future to see if the software support has advanced from Swiftpoint.

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