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Just wanted to say something positive

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I've made a few posts now with issues I'm having with the Z. I want to restore the balance because despite those, I think this mouse is a brilliant design.

The layout of the buttons under the two main fingers is fantastic. It's just how I hoped it would be. Playing Witcher 3 with everything important mapped to a mouse action, while still being able to grip and move the mouse normally, is terrific! That's all I've really tried so far. The mouse is worth the money just for that, never mind all the gyroscopic stuff.

I know it'll have a similar impact in my workflows in Blender, Photoshop, various EDA software and many other things I use here. The biggest difficulty is working out what is best mapped to what, then learning it.

It's taking some getting used to gripping it... I still feel like I should cut off either the fin on the right side, or the end of my ring finger. But that's personal and I'll probably get used to it. It's worth the effort for all these buttons.

Hopefully some of my issues can be addressed (mostly the auto profile swapping and the UK keyboard problem), and the mouse will get even better.


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