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Mac installation

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Initially worked on Mac (Mojave) with a couple of simple configurations for specific work software. I then connected to a PC to try with other work software with a couple of simple configurations and also worked. I think PC asked me to update firmware (system now says 

Reconnected to Mac (latest Mojave) and I cannot get it to work. When I try to start driver I receive message “Mouse has newer firmware. The connected mouse already has a newer version of the firmware. Please update driver”. Cannot get any further. 

I have downloaded driver again, updated BTT, tried to reset mouse, etc. 

Advice appreciated. Thank you. 

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According to their Mac driver package, you need to re-flash the firmware with the config that came with the Mac driver package. The profile provided with the Mac driver package have a special mapping that only works with the BTT config they provided, other settings will need adjustments to the BTT config.


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