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How about them additional Keyboard layouts, eh?

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Hi, hello and greetings.
As the title implies, I am about to ask why there is only US QWERTY layout for the mouse output. I can see that in the FAQ that is almost 2 years old that people asked about it back then too. I backed the mouse, and I think when I got it I noticed it was kinda wonky back then, but decided not to care too much about it.

That is until right now, when I am trying to configure my mouse in a myriad of ways but end up getting cockblocked by the layout barrier. And sure, I can just look at a US Layout sheet to find out what keys to use and all that easily enough. But if I have to do that every single time I want to configure my mouse in special ways, hoo boy it's gonna get old quick. 

And yo, I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I know a lot about coding and shit like that, because I know next to jack. And the mouse has a ton of awesome advanced features that I hadn't seen before, and still haven't seen anywhere else, and keeping on adding more cool features that make the mouse even nicer. That is also why I cannot fathom why multiple layouts haven't been added yet, I would think that adding more layouts would be more or less rudimentary compared to some of the features this mouse has and probably will have. 

So please add multiple keyboard layouts as an option, because I feel like that will make the mouse way more worth it outside of countries that use the US layout.


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Posted (edited)

Its even worse: Since < hasn't a counterpart on the US keyboard, its completely unusable (yes I tried every single key from the various dropdowns).

Please fix this... and if its only by using some less retarded layout than the US (meaning one that has ALL keys at least). Why isnt the driver using the default OS's layout anyway?!?! would be much easier and less work for Swiftpoint Software devs to integrate at all Im assuming...

I posted a temporary workaround here:


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I know about the workaround and all that. It's just that I can't be bothered to do the workaround method every time I want to make a new profile. Which is a shame, because that really limits the mouse's capabilities a lot.

But if you can be bothered. The workaround is a great tool to use and helps a lot. 

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