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Throttle control / using deep click in games

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I was trying to bind one of mouse buttons to W which is throttle/forward in GTA       but sadly the deep click future doesn’t work in GTA.

hoping to have the same control over my throttle and brake like a controller would have.

Was wondering if I’m just not smart enough to figure it out or is it just not possible yet.

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first of all: not everyone plays GTA(I dont for example) and in that term I can only assume, so your attitude is not really helpfull

Second: a "digital" keypress can never work as an analog one, so instead of binding "w" there, bind the controller key there and tell the game to use the controller input

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Update: Here it is: 



That appears to work properly... I included 1% to 10%, 10% to 25%, 25% to 50%, 50% to 75% and 75% to 85% with different hold times. 85% upwards will hold the key down by pressing, and releasing when you lower below 85%. 1% is .1 seconds, 10 is 0.075, 25% is 0.05 seconds, 50% is 0.025% and 75 is 0 wait time, and 85% changes to hold instead of tapping.

If you want to add new links for more variability, then the way to do that is in the file listing.


I set the key to left fingertip...





I don't know if this will work, but it is the only thing which looks like it could be what you want..... and to ship the mouse with the sensor without being able to output means losing a lot of functionality....

However, with what you are asking, there may be another method to use...


First method - use the actual analog input as output.... You may be able to do Left Button Press > Left Button 5% to 100% type Analog Range for input - which hopefully shows up as output since I can't add any outputs under it.

Left Button Press > Do nothing

+ Left Button 5% to 100% > Controller Type, Joystick Slider Control, Action Slider Position - Slider range 0.0 to 100%.. Meaning the joystick slider is 0% until you are at 5% press strength. You are at 100% joystick slider at 100% button press. You are at 50% joystick slider at 47.5% button press force...

Left Button Release > Do nothing


Unfortunately, this seems to be broken for Left click, but does appear to work for right click... The do nothing part... That way only the level of force does an action. If you have it press the key on press and release on release, then you hold click while trying to do something else...


That should work if you use an axis... If an axis isn't possible to bind in the game, you can use third party software to emulate an Xbox 360 controller, right trigger, which will work. But can be slower through emulation like that.




Another option you can use, is looping...


Left Button Press > Do Nothing

Deep Click 1% Press > Loop 0 times | W

Press W every 1/3 seconds

Deep Click 1% Release > Stop Looping ( I don't know if it let's you target specific loops, so you could add this at the lowest value... ) There may, in the future, be a way to use the press value for loop speed which would be fantastic.


Deep Click 5% Press

Press W every 1/4 seconds

Deep Click 1% Release > Stop Looping


Deep Click 10% Press

Press W every 1/5 seconds

Deep Click 1% Release > Stop Looping


Deep Click 80% > Press W

Deep Click 80% Release > Release W



Left Button Release > Do Nothing


Note: If you don't stop looping that instance, they will compound as you add so 1% you'll have 1/3 presses, for 5% you'll have both 1/3 and 1/4... and so on... But stopping the loop appears to stop all, need to figure out how to assign id's so only that particular loop is stopped...


In short, this type of setup will TAP w at faster and faster intervals, until you get to the percentage in which you hold down the W key for full-throttle.

Another option, since I don't know how long tap is - is to use press and release commands and hold the key for different times. I'd recommend determining how many times per second you have to press for various speeds and use that as a range if this doesn't work.. Instead of using tap, I'd recommend doing press and release after x seconds... This will give you more control...



Another way to do the same thing - is , instead of adding the loop one after the next... Nest them... so you end up with


Deep Click 1% Press

Deep Click 5% Press

Deep Click 10% Press

Deep Click 20% Press

Deep Click 1% Release

Deep Click 5% Release

Deep Click 10% Release

Deep Click 20% Release


and, if the loops stop when not active - then you wouldn't need it, but I haven't played with the software enough to see... But using this nesting method you could stack the looping together... The max one should probably be separate, and it should probably stop loops and then press W... That could be another thing.. Stop all loops when you enter a range, and when you exit, re-start from the previous.


So starting the loop as you enter... Stopping when you exit and starting the one below, if one exists... 

It would be more work, but depending how the software handles things, it would be another way to hack it...

I still think one of the first ideas was the best - use the slider value.





Hope this helps..



Also, just because not everyone plays a certain game, doesn't mean that someone can't help with a generic question. Since a key-press is a simple on / off state, or off throttle / full throttle, you could use a loop method to attain different speeds... You could also 






So it seems you use the loop as a do while loop where the logic is at the end...


So, STOP ALL LOOPS, press W, Wait 100 Milliseconds ( or however long for you tap, 100 is a decent number ), Release W ( or TAP but I don't know how long their tap is ), wait x milliseconds ( or if they support decimals in seconds, then you can use that instead, but it is unlikely to be supported since milliseconds is there, even though retaining it would be really easy in the code side of things ), Repeat from step 0 ( the first step )...

That'll loop everything, it just has to be placed LAST.


The stop all loops setting may be important... It may also break it... If it is first, I'm hoping it'll stop other loops.. I'm hoping it doesn't act like a break from within the loop... If it does, then it won't work... On release you can do stop... I'll do some tests.




Repeat from number 2... So it starts on number 2 when it loops... On release, stop loops... On next stage, the same logic but different timing for the wait between loop... That should allow you to set up differing presses of w to be faster and faster until you hold it down, until you exist that range of press strength. I'll take a screenshot of an example, like the one above.



By doing some tests - it doesn't matter if you are nesting them, or not.

If you stop loops, it will stop a future loop ( bug ) before it has started. So that's an issue I will report.


This bind will actually take a lot of work because of the lack of functions, being able to bind pressure to pressing a key repeatedly, binding that then to a curve... etc...


And, the fact that as you release the key, you have to duplicate the x% range... If you did this for every 1 percent, it would be hell, so I'll make one with 10, 25, 50, 75, and a 90% hold. You'll get a vibration per change so you know going up / down. The wait, you'll have to adjust in 2 places per ( the x% segment which is not the stop all loops version...

The one which has pres > Stop all loops - you'll edit the Release > for the % before it, ie 25%...


I'll post it later today. This would be so much easier in AutoHotkey, or any scripting or programming language - I added some suggestions to help fix this such as functions, copy / paste, and more.

Edited by Acecool

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