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GT vs ProPoint vs TRACPOINT

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Seems like three identical devices to me. If they are different, it might be worth adding a "compare features" on the main website. 

On a side note, I'd love to see SwiftPoint focus on different devices. Personally I'd love a gaming keypad to pair up with the Z. Looking at utilising the tilt / pivot, deep clicks and vibration feedback features and seeing how you could create a device to innovative movement in-game. 

At the very least create a survey and ask the community what they want.

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Features included with both the ProPoint and TRACPOINT:
• Ultra portable ergonomic pen-grip design.
• Two devices in one. Both a wireless mouse & presenter.
• New "Spotlight" presentation features.
• Customizable gesture functions with the "Swiftpoint Control Panel" for Mac and Windows.
• Up to two weeks battery life of a full charge.
• Rapid charge for over an hour of use from a 60 second charge.
• Bundled USB Charger.
• Bundled Travel Case.

The features currently exclusive to ProPoint include:
• Third mouse button, enabling additional gestures.
• iOS remote desktop app support.
• Bundled Well-being software.
• ProPoints bundled USB charger is also a receiver, enabling its use with devices that do not support Bluetooth 4.0.


So basically they are the same except for a "third mouse button" on the ProPoint

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