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How to use the Z in games that do not support DirectInput


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When you plug in The Z Mouse, the PC automatically recognizes it as an analog controller, meaning any game that has an analog joystick support can interpret The Z’s pitch, roll  and yaw as an analog joystick movement.

If your joystick mappings are not being recognized in a particular game, it's likely that the game has XBox controller (Xinput) support, and does not support a standard analog joystick (DirectInput). We will be adding Xinput support to the Z in the future, but for now you still have a couple of options for working around this.

In most cases the easiest way would be to assign your Zs buttons to keyboard commands rather than joystick.

Where that is not an option, (e.g if you need analog outputs) you can use a tool to map the Zs "DirectInput" outputs to "XInput" inputs, such as TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator.
For example to allow steering in an Xinput only game using the tilt function in the "Gaming Analog" profile you would need to do the following.

  1. Download the 64bit or 32bit version of TocaEdit to match the game you are planning to use it with.
  2. Ensure you have all the programs installed mentioned in TocaEdits system requirements.
  3. Put "x360ce_x32/64.exe" into the game directory with its executable, then run it. 
  4. Create the "xinput1_3.dll" when prompted to do so.
  5. Cancel the search for settings, as non currently exist for the Z.
  6. Dismiss the error message about a misconfigured device.
  7. Hit the save button to the bottom right, then close and reopen TocaEdit.
  8. Set "Stick Axis X" to "Axis 1" as shown below then save again.
  9. You should notice that tilting your Z will move the green + on 360 controller image.
  10. Close TocaEdit before launching your game. You will never need to run it again unless you want to change its configuration.

For flying you would just need to also add "Axis 2" or "IAxis2" to "Stick Axis Y", depending on if you would like the control to be inverted.


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Thanks for the tutorial. Anyhow, I got two questions:

  1. Regarding "We will be adding Xinput support to the Z in the future"
    Considering it's been 2 years since that statement: Are we there yet? Could you give any ETA?
  2. I once used the solution mentioned above to get rid of the dead zone in GTA Online, but people told me I could get banned for placing stuff (like foreign DLLs) within the game's folder. Can you confirm or deny this claim? I'd very much like to use tilt left/right to steer in GTA Online - but I really wouldn't like to get banned for it.

Thanks for any heads-up you can give!

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@vertexUnfortunately we don't have an ETA for XInput support. It was on our road-map early on, but things didn't pan out as we had hoped and it had to be put to the side for a while.

It's still on our wish-list, but is not part of any planned update at this stage. Though if we get more requests for it, it's possible it could be moved further up the list.


Regarding being banned for using X360ce in GTA Online, this isn't something we can confirm or deny. As far as I know Rockstar has not issued a specific statement on it, and looking around online I can see reports of people saying they've been using it for years without issue, while a few others say they were banned for it.


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5 hours ago, InfinityBeing said:

That being said, this mouse already has insane potential

Indeed. I'm promoting this as the best mouse ever made to everyone interested :D

But it's not only the hardware, which is awesome (tho for my taste could benefit from a 3-button layout for the thumb), but above all it's the best software I've ever seen and I wish there was a native linux version for my archlinux. It takes a bit of re-thinking, but I've never had any other input configuration software that let me do stuff like automate profile selection, cascading actions, recursions, basic mouse/hardware settings based on profile, option to deactivate auto-release and inheritance.

This mouse's capability to set one of the many finger buttons as mouse-down toggle has completely cured my sinew issues that I experienced in games where repetitive tasks required me to hold down a button over and over for hours (like repairing multiple elements on a large construct in Dual Universe as just one example).

IMO the extension with an xinput virtual device driver would take this to a flawless victory in a cathegory that doesn't even exist yet ;) 


Like in GTA:O the equ8 anti-cheat software in Dual Universe would probably ban me for using foreign DLLs in the game folder to emulate xinput. But since DU doesn't yet support either joystick or xinput there's still time to catch up before they do 😇

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I have been a 7-year user of a MadCatz MMO 7, and I still stand by it's button layout for the thumb as the most comfortable and distinct by feel that I've ever used. I made a thread posting the two main points I want to see this company take careful consideration into with regards to the future of this mouse, one of them being XInput.

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