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Is it possible for a single mouse press to simulate one key being held and another being tapped after a delay?


Warmest greetings. As per the title, I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to set one of my mouse buttons to simulate pressing and holding the E key for say, 3 seconds while tapping the G key after a delay while the  E key is being held down? While I was thinking it would work if I set it up like the image attached, I find that it stops seeing the E press after it taps the G key. I've tried having the delay + G key press in a subset of commands on the same button as well as moving the release of the E key to different locations.

Ultimately, the only thing that seems to at least press the keys is to have the E press and release come before the G tap, but releasing the key doesn't work for what I need to do.

A visual if it would help (picture it as a video editor timeline):

E press ---------------------------------------------((( 3 second delay ))) -----------------------------------------------> E release

----------(((0.5 second delay )))---> G tap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------>


Can the above be setup as a macro on a single mouse click?


Thank you for your time.


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@Interstellar The setup you have there looks correct. 

If you were testing it in a text editor it will appear that the E key is being released once the G Tap occurs, but it is actually still held down. Try it out using the keys on your keyboard and you will see the same thing.

So a better way to test if it's working correctly is something like http://keyboardchecker.com/, where you should see that the E key remains active after the G tap occurs.

If this doesn't work in-game, are you able to perform this same action using your keyboard directly?



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