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Launching an application with the Swiftpoint Driver

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If you wish to create a mapping that will launch a specific application upon pressing a button, this is not currently natively supported in the Driver. But there are a few ways you can achieve this using keyboard commands.

For example the first 10 apps on your taskbar can be opened with the Windows key + the number key relative to it's position on the taskbar. So using the setup in the image below pushing the right trigger would open windows explorer. You could also add a shift modifier so it always opens a new explorer window rather than merely selecting one that is already open.




This of course has some pretty major limitations, so a more flexible, but slightly more complicated method, would be to assign keyboard shortcuts to specific programs within Windows. Then mapping these shortcuts to buttons on your Z.


excel_properties.png.57f19e3b52813e0a9fdc8ca310219ec6.pngTo do this you first need to create a normal windows shortcut for the application you want to launch from your Z. You then go to the properties of that shortcut. You will see there is a "Shortcut key" field where you can create a key combination which will launch that shortcut. So in the below example pressing "Ctrl + Shift + E" will launch Excel.


Once you have this setup of course you then just need to create this keyboard combination on your Z as shown below.

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I made one of these just now. I'll add that you need to ensure the shortcut is either on the desktop or the start menu. These "Shortcut keys" won't activate otherwise, see here.

The specific function I made is that I bound a shortcut that clears the clipboard to a pivot (hold front edge + pivot right). I used NirCmd to create a shortcut with proper functionality.

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