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A couple questions

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Ok so I just got my Z yesterday and I've probably spent around 5 hours experimenting with it to see what my options are on how to configure the mouse but I had a few questions based on things that I feel like should be possible but I can't figure out how to make them work.

1: Is there a way to configure a toggle function that could for example auto run in a game that doesn't have a key bind for auto run? It seems like this should be possible by making an alternate next two followed by press W then release W but it doesn't appear to correctly "hold" W until the key is pressed again.

EDIT: I figured out this first one in the profile settings there is a option called "Auto-Release Outputs" that needs to be disabled.

2. Is there a way to add additional increments to the tilt inputs? By default there are 2 tilt thresholds to each side at 1.5 and 25 degrees in addition to a positive/negative range for a total of 5 possible inputs per axis one of them being an analog control. Is there a way to add additional thresholds and/or ranges or is it limited to just these 5?

3. Is there any way to use purely the pivot/rotational Z axis input? I can see how to bind things to the Z axis if I press another button first but can't seem to find where to bind something to the Z axis alone. The same is true for the transitional Z axis aka lifting the mouse off the table.

4. Is there any way to use mouse positional data as an output? For to program a "quick turn" capability in a game that doesn't normally have a key binding for it. You would just need to know how many "units" of travel on the X transitional axis you would need to travel to turn 180 degrees map that to say the left trigger pull and boom you have a quick turn macro. 

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The official said that there will be a huge update in the next version. This forum is almost ignored and can only wait.

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It is possible to add additional tilt thresholds, you just need to add them inside one of the two base tilt inputs. You do this with the small +ADD button which appears when you hover your cursor over the tilt input, as in the example below



For info on how you can use pivot without pressing another button, please check the thread here. I don't really recommend this kind of setup, as pivot does drift over time and will need to be reset quite frequently. But you can give it a go and see how it works for you.


Lifting the Z off the table is not a mapable input itself, it just gives you access to the full range of tilt inputs; which you can't use while the Z is on the mat.


The Z's software doesn't currently allow for cursor movement as a mapable output. So for now to do this on the Z you would need to use third party software to translate some key combo from the mouse to cursor movement.


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