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WoW Classic - Feral Druid

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I am quite happy with this setup for my druid which has a hybrid tank/DD talent build. 

1. Tilt:
- Left = Shift to Cat form (and change mouse profile to CAT)
- Right = Shift to Bear from (and change mouse profile to BEAR)
- Forward = Shift to Travel form 
I recommend an add-on so you can also change your equipment automatically

2. Middle mouse button klick = Shapeshift

3. Index finger for all attacks

4. Middle finger for form specific casts

5. I use the left mouse button deep klick to shift to travel form

6. As Cat DPS my rotation is shred-shred-shapeshift. Thats why I have on one button shred and on the same button as deep click "Shapeshift"

More details see on the image attached. 

For me the Z is a game changer 🐵


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